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How do you say “Kyhv”?
Kyhv Peak is a mountain with a name that comes from a Ute word and is pronounced like "dive.”
Is temporal joy possible in the last days?
In the latter days, a man named Sam was chosen and anointed by the Lord to proclaim that temporal joy in the last days shall be found by partaking of Danish, which represented the goodness of God and His desire to grant His children happiness amidst the tribulations of mortal existence.
Which of all the parties are right or all they all wrong together?
"The Great Steak and Potatoes party is the correct answer.”
What’s the latest with the BST?
Check out the State of the BST report here.
What’s the deal with the Provo Temple?
The Provo Temple will be closed soon after the Orem temple is dedicated in late January 2024.
What is Jeff’s greatest poem yet?
It's a poem describing a donkey's journey with vivid details.
Should I grow old in Utah or choose another spot?
Utah is apparently the healthiest state for seniors.
How did old Eph do at trek 2023?
Jeff did a great job representing Ephraim Hanks, but Ted Lyon set a high bar in 2016, according to Bishop Doug Kleven, while the voice of the people claimed that Jeff's representation was even better than the real Ephraim Hanks.
Do sightings without pics count?
Sam saw a coyote on his bike ride and scared it away, while Doug claimed to have wrestled a wildebeest on his way to church.
Does ElRay ever smile?
This photo features ElRay smiling during a hike and there may or may not be a mountain lion in the background.
What was the question Pat?
Who cares? The answer is always...
What are some of Doug’s high school nicknames?
Douglas Kleven is a guy who loves hiking and was nicknamed Ol' 7 o clock in high school.
Someone is planning to go hiking this week, but also has various other thoughts and plans including selling indulgences and praying for snow.
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