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The Hiking Council

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1.0 Pandemic Hiking

If Amy has covid, but you have no symptoms, then you hike with the group.

2.0 Outerwear

Blue and/or green are acceptable colors for outerwear waist and above. Clothing must sufficiently cover you below the waist, but you are free to choose the color.

3.0 Weather and Trail Selection

November through April, the south side of Provo Canyon should be avoided, but defer to the Bishop or his appointee if the people importune.
If the temperature is below 28 degrees F, wise men avoid Indian Road, and Blue Rock.
If new snow accumulations are greater than one inch overnight (as measured at Sam’s house), Rock Canyon is strongly encouraged as the designated trailhead for that morning’s hike.

4.0 Pictures

Under no condition will you take a picture with Alan in it. For one, he will not be in the printed version of the picture, proving once and for all that he is an evil spirit.

5.0 Prophecies

In the last days a confused ecclesiastical leader will complete a hiking trifecta in the same week.

6.0 Repentance

If you miss a full week or more, you will compensate the hiking counsel with a plate of brownies or some other acceptable remuneration. No notes.

7.0 Reading List

Approved reading is found
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